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Evaporative Coolers in Houston, TX

Evaporative coolers (also known as “swamp coolers”) are some of the best coolers to use if you’d like cooling with a side of humidity regulation. Evaporative coolers are great if you ever deal with a dry home in the summer. We know we face our fair share of humidity here in Houston, but a few hours of running your home’s air conditioner will dry that right up. If you have people in your home who are especially sensitive to this, they might have trouble with headaches, dry skin, or brittle hair because of low humidity. 

If you’d like to bypass this problem, you can schedule an appointment with us for your evaporative cooling system. We’re going to help you stay comfortable all year round. 

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Evaporative Cooler System Installation

Are you ready to install a new evaporative cooling system in your home? If you’re looking for an evaporative cooler for the first time, we’re going to be there to help you get exactly what you need. We’re sure that you’ve heard of swamp coolers before, but you probably don’t know the ins and outs of a system like this. We’re going to help you get exactly what you need. 

Every system’s power boils down to the installation services that it’s received. We know that evaporative coolers seem like simple systems that don’t involve much, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. You need a system that’s going to do your home justice, and we’re going to help you find it. 

Evaporative Cooler System Replacement 

Have you had a great run with your current evaporative cooling system? Are you ready to call it quits and upgrade? You’re going to need a team of professionals to guide you through the process. We’re the experts that are going to walk you through the entire process of replacement. We understand how to upgrade your home in every sense of the word. We only want you to have better service than you had before. We’re not going to shortchange you. We’re going to help you get the best work possible. 

Evaporative Cooler System Repair

If something goes wrong with your home’s evaporative cooling system, we can help you get to the bottom of the problem in a flash. We know that a repair need can be a real issue. It’s often something that you’re going to need in a flash, and we understand this. This is why we make all of our evaporative cooling repair work as accessible as possible. We know how to get out to your home in no time. We’re a team of professionals that care about the services that we perform. Call us today. 

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance 

You’re going to need to maintain your evaporative cooler too! Often, we hear the same phrases from homeowners regarding evaporative coolers. We hear words like "simple" and "low maintenance." These systems are streamlined and straightforward in the best way possible, but we need you to know that they still need routine care. 

If you’re ready to have that for your evaporative cooling system, then we’re ready to provide the work for you. You can call us today and learn more about our maintenance services. We even have a maintenance program that you can enroll in if you’re ready to take things a step further and invest in your evaporative cooler on an ongoing basis.