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Patrick Southwick's Profile Image
Patrick Southwick, This year
Jonathan Rogers's Profile Image
Jonathan Rogers, This year
Darline Remy's Profile Image
Darline Remy, This year

I found them trust worthy. Estimates from others were higher and Cool Care explained exactly what and why things were needed.

Cherry Oldfield's Profile Image
Cherry Oldfield, This year
Frank Busch's Profile Image
Frank Busch, This year
John Morreale's Profile Image
John Morreale, This year

Great Service! Took the time to thoroughly troubleshoot and explain issues.

E Fitz's Profile Image
E Fitz, This year

Tech was very personable and informative. He showed me where to replace the filter whereas a previous tech from another company told me I wouldn't be able to replace it myself. So now I can order the filters online and replace myself or at least have one on hand when I have Cool Care do another hvac check in the spring. Also, the Cool Care techs are very thorough when doing the maintenance check. They actually take the time to make sure everything is ok. Highly recommend this company.

Gisele Mascio's Profile Image
Gisele Mascio, This year
Karen Cook's Profile Image
Karen Cook, This year

We have an airbnb with unusual 2 air conditioning set up. The guys from cool care spent a lot of time figuring out our set up and diagnosing issues. The pricing was good, so we decided to take them up on their maintenance program, which is a monthly fee. Right after that we had to call them for our 2nd unit and it was 6:30PM. He came within 30 minutes and fixed the problem, and gave advice about how we were using the system. They are super nice and professional, we highly recommend them. KC

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Colin Eddington, This year
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