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Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston


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5 More Sounds You Never Want to Hear From Your Cooling System

A couple of weeks ago we talked about noises your AC shouldn’t be making. While we wish we could stop at just three, there are more noises that problematic air conditioners make that we want you to be aware of! In light of trying to make homeowners in our area more informed, here are five more noises air conditioners can make, and what they mean.

If your air conditioner is starting to make some strange noises, you might not be in as good shape as you thought. Noises are one of the clearest signs that there’s something wrong with the interior components of the system. As HVAC pros in charge of AC repair in Jersey Village, TX, we utilize AC noises as a way to signal to homeowners that their system is in trouble.

Be the Best Care for Your Air

When evaluating the condition of your air conditioner, it’s important to take a few things into account. Does it work at all? Does it keep you comfortable? Does it run without driving up your energy bills? Keep all of these points in mind when listening for AC noises. All of this information will give you insight when deciding what the best care is for your air!


Rattling is an easy noise to locate and one of the easiest problems to fix in an air conditioner. Rattling, just like it would be anywhere else, usually signifies that there’s a small screw or component that’s gotten loose in the system. The rattling sound is this screw bouncing around against all the other components. While this might sound benign, it can easily turn into a much more serious problem when left in disrepair.


What happens when that rattling screw bumps into something larger and knocks it out of place? Then you’ve got clanging. Clanging is a noise that denotes a larger component that’s been knocked loose inside your system. Again, this should absolutely be addressed quickly so you don’t have any compounding problems caused by this.


Have you ever tried to plug in an electronic appliance, only to have it buzz for a few minutes and then just shut off? Buzzing is a sound that usually means an appliance is having some sort of electrical malfunction. Constantly trying to turn it on again or restart it usually won’t help and might often make the problem worse. Call for a professional’s help, since the solution can usually be pretty inexpensive.


Blower motors inside your air conditioner have rubber belts that are responsible for cycling the motor. When those belts start to fray or fall apart, they’ll squeal. It’s a good idea to get this repaired before the belt completely breaks and your system is rendered ineffective.


Screeching is a huge problem. Loud and uncomfortable noises like screeching usually indicate that there’s something seriously wrong with your compressor. Since refrigerant is kept at a high pressure through the lines, any problem with pressurization can lead to a screeching compressor. This component is the most expensive part of your AC and if it’s not carefully repaired, you could be looking at a whole system replacement.

Call the team at Cool Care Heating and Air Conditioning, the best care for your air!

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