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Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston

Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston


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The Benefits That Professional Duct Sealing Provides


The ducts in your home are designed to last a long time. However, as they age, they will gradually degrade, and leaks are likely to occur. Does that mean you should have all your ductwork replaced? Not necessarily.

Having the ducts sealed by a knowledgeable professional might provide the solution you need. If you want to know more about duct sealing in Houston, TX, we have answers to your questions right here.

Professional duct sealing can provide you with many improvements and ensure your ductwork is doing its job as well as it should. Here are some ways that you and your home can benefit from having your ducts professionally sealed.

Financial Benefits

In addition to being less costly than having your ductwork entirely replaced, duct sealing will save you money by decreasing your regular energy bills. If all the conditioned air in your home is going exactly where you need it, there will be no additional cost created by temperature-controlled air being lost through leaks.

Air Quality Improvements

When there are leaks in your ductwork, not only is conditioned air being allowed out, but unwanted contaminants are being allowed in. These particles can include dust, pollen, insulation, harmful fumes from nearby landscaping work or vehicles, and other debris. With sealed ducts, your air is cleaner and the presence of irritating particles is reduced.

Health and Safety Benefits

Many of the appliances in your home may be gas-powered, such as your furnace, clothes dryer, and water heater. These create gases that must be safely vented outside of your home. Ductwork leaks mean that those gases may not be entirely eliminated. Backdrafting, or gases being drawn back into the home through the leaky ventilation system, can cause serious illness.

Decreased Environmental Impact

Just as the cost to your wallet will be decreased when your ductwork operates as efficiently as possible, the cost to the environment will also be lowered. No energy will be wasted conditioning air unnecessarily, just to have it be lost to areas like the attic or crawlspace where it is not needed. 

Increased Comfort

When conditioned air is not lost through leaks, it will all end up exactly where you need it. Your home’s temperature can be kept comfortable and even, so you won’t have hot spots in the summer or icy cold rooms in the winter. 

The Benefits Are Long-Lasting

Unfortunately, duct tape does not provide a lasting seal for ducts. If you have ever seen duct tape that was used to seal ducts in the past, you have probably noticed that it has become brittle and flaky and is not keeping leaks sealed. That is because duct tape is easily degraded by the drastic temperature changes that your ducts experience. Professionals use a special mastic sealant that is designed to withstand those fluctuations and provide a long-lasting seal.

Duct sealing is a highly important service that our team of experts is proud to offer to residents just like you.

Reach out to Cool Care Heating and Air Conditioning, your trusted resource for duct services in Houston, TX. Contact us today!

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