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Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston

Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston


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Why Professional AC Installation Matters


When you live somewhere as hot as Houston, and you’ve searched for information about AC installation at the beginning of August, that tells a story. You are probably in very big need of a new air conditioner, now.

We completely understand the sense of urgency; however, rushing into an AC purchase is never a good idea, as it can leave you with a system that’s improperly matched for your specific home and needs. It might not even be sized correctly for your space.

And then, when it comes to the actual installation job, there are a number of steps that make the installation flawless. If any steps are missed or done incorrectly, it can lead to problems like short-cycling, refrigerant leaks, ductwork damage, and other efficiency problems. It could even lead to a premature system breakdown.

Ultimately, air conditioning systems are very complex and they require a trained and experienced professional to install them.

Read on as we uncover the steps our pros go through, and why it’s so important to leave this job to the trained and experienced techs on our team.

Step 1: We Take Out the Old System

Well, that sounds simple enough, you might be thinking.

Actually, taking out the old system can be the most laborious part of the AC installation process!

This is because your older air conditioner has a number of components that need to be properly disposed of to remain safe, and also we have to make sure to not disrupt any connections we’re going to need later.

Take refrigerant, for instance. In older air conditioners, R-22 has been the refrigerant of choice. It has since been phased out because it’s not good for the environment. So naturally, this isn’t something we want to leak out due to improper removal of your old system.

Regarding the connections, we’re talking about things like the ductwork. It’s actually quite easy to damage the ductwork when removing an old air conditioner if you’re not careful.

Step 2: Making Those Connections

Once the new system is placed where it needs to be, our technicians will connect it to that ductwork we just mentioned.

There are times when need to shift around the ductwork a bit, and maybe even move wiring around, to get your new air conditioner in place. Our experienced professionals know how to do this without damaging any components in the meantime. The same goes for the electrical connections needed for your air conditioner to function.

Step 3: We Will Test the Air Conditioner

This is the most important step of a successful air conditioning installation! After all, what good is installing a new home comfort system if we don’t actually ensure that it works as it is supposed to?

If we did that, you wouldn’t know what to expect–you’d have no way of knowing if your system is working as efficiently as it’s meant to, or if any sounds it’s making are abnormal. If not for any other reason, the best reason to hire a professional for your air conditioning installation is so you can make sure the system operates exactly as it’s meant to.

For professional AC Heating in Houston look no further than Cool Care Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us today for “The Best Care for Your Air!”

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