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Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston


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Uncommon Reasons You May Need AC Repair

There are many problems that can happen with air conditioners that we see every day. Fan troubles, iced-up coils, refrigerant leaks, short cycling, and airflow problems are all very common. Only once in a while do we see a truly unusual AC issue. Here are some standouts. If they happen to you, rest assured that a repair is indeed possible.

The Air Conditioner Is Sinking into the Ground

How could such a thing possibly happen? Well, the outdoor unit of a central air conditioner usually sits on a concrete slab on the ground near the house. That concrete slab helps to keep the unit level and absorbs vibration so the unit doesn’t shake to the point of damaging itself.

But the slab itself sits on the ground, which is not always as stable as we might like it to be. Sometimes, usually because of water from the condensate drain or other wet conditions, the ground becomes soft enough for the slab to start sinking. 

This can compromise the connections with the indoor unit, which were made with the outdoor unit at a specific height. And if one side sinks while the other doesn’t, the tilting of the unit can lead to oil leaking from the compressor. A compressor with insufficient oil can be destroyed quite quickly by normal operation, so it’s critical to have it addressed promptly. The existing slab may be able to be shored up, but in some cases, a new slab must be poured.

The Air Handlers Peel off the Wall

Moisture can cause a wide variety of problems in homes, but this one is pretty odd. If you have a ductless system with air handlers mounted on your walls, it’s possible for condensation to accumulate behind those air handlers. If it gets bad enough, they can literally peel away from the wall.

Water damage is the kind of problem that rapidly worsens, so if you’re concerned that this might be happening in your home, reach out to a professional in AC repair in Katy, TX immediately. The damage can be repaired and with some modification to your drainage or humidity control measures, your system can be up and running again without continuing to cause problems.

Your Outdoor Unit Is Infested

It’s common for the outdoor unit, where heat is released by the coils, to become overgrown with plant life or obstructed by debris like last autumn’s leaves. When we see that an air conditioner is not releasing heat properly, this is what we expect to find.

On rare occasions, however, the obstruction is caused by animals and not plants. Rodents, bees, and wasps sometimes decide to build their homes in outdoor AC units. Even more alarming, perhaps, is that snakes can even take up residence there. In some cases, you may require an exterminator before AC repairs can proceed, but rest assured, you’re not the only one this has happened to, and we’re happy to help.

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