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Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston


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Does Your AC or Your Thermostat Need Repair?


An air conditioner breakdown in Texas, even as autumn approaches, is the kind of thing you don’t want to ever have to deal with! So if your air conditioner isn’t working, you should get AC repair right away.

But what if your air conditioner is actually working just fine? It’s possible that there’s nothing wrong with the AC. It might just be your thermostat that’s having a problem! Here’s what to look for. 

Basic Thermostat Checks

Before deciding you need a technician to come out and do AC or thermostat repair in Katy, TX, there are a few steps you should take. You might be able to resolve your own problem in just a few minutes!

  • Is it turned on? It’s all too easy for an elbow, pet, or child to bump your thermostat and switch it into the off position! Make sure it’s actually turned on.
  • Is it set to fan only? Again, this could have been the result of an accidental bump. Make sure it’s set to on and not just fan.
  • Is it set to heat? If you have a heat pump, or if your heat and AC use the same thermostat, it’s easy to end up with the setting switched. Make sure it’s set to cool.
  • Is it programmed to be off? If you use thermostat programming to decrease your energy usage when you are away from home, your thermostat may be simply following the programming. If weekday or vacation settings have been activated when they shouldn’t be, you will just need to reset the program.
  • Is the battery dying? A failing battery can send inconsistent signals or fail to send a signal to the air conditioner at all. Try changing the thermostat’s battery before deciding you need repairs.

If Your Thermostat Needs Repair

There are a few things that can go wrong with a thermostat that requires a qualified technician to perform the repairs. If you’ve gone through the basic checks and are still unable to get your AC to respond to your thermostat, it’s time for professional help.

Miscalibration is when the sensor in the thermostat is “off” and wrongly believes that the temperature is higher or lower than it is. If your AC is set to 75 and it’s 78 degrees in the house, the AC won’t turn on if the thermostat thinks it’s 68 degrees! A technician can recalibrate it so it gives accurate readings.

Wiring can get loose, sending inconsistent signals, or come undone entirely, sending no signals at all. This is a major problem, but a relatively easy fix.

Finally, dirt and grime can obstruct the sensor in the thermostat. Your technician will have the proper training to disassemble the thermostat, assess the extent of the grime, clean it if possible, and make recommendations about replacement if necessary.

Whether you need help with one of these aspects of your thermostat or you genuinely have a broken-down air conditioner, we’re ready to help you get your home cool and comfortable again.

Reach out to Cool Care Heating and Air Conditioning, The Best Care for Your Air.

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