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Can a Thermostat Be Repaired or Does it Have to Be Replaced?


Even in Texas, it can be quite miserable to have problems with the heating in your home, and air conditioning failure can be unbearable in the summer. It’s best to take care of your HVAC system with regular maintenance but it’s always possible that something will go wrong anyway. But one thing that customers sometimes overlook is their thermostat. If your heat or AC isn’t coming on or isn’t staying at the correct temperature, it’s easy to assume the heater or AC unit is the problem. Sometimes the thermostat is the real culprit.

How can you tell if your temperature problem is caused by your thermostat? What can be done about it? Will it need to be replaced? We’ll cover things you should check if you suspect a thermostat issue and then go over your options for getting the problem sorted out.

Avoid Thermostat Problems

When you have HVAC maintenance done, your technician will inspect your thermostat as part of the process. If there are loose electrical connections or it needs to be recalibrated to register the temperature more accurately, those things can easily be addressed during maintenance. 

When There’s a Problem

If you have any reason to suspect that your heat isn’t coming on or is behaving oddly because of a thermostat problem, there are three things to check before you need the help of a technician.

  • User Error: Take a look at your thermostat. Is it possible that you bumped it with an elbow, or that a curious child fiddled with it, and it got switched from “heat” to “off” or even to the cooling setting? Could it have accidentally been set to the vacation programming so that it’s only doing the bare minimum in temperature control? Make sure it’s set correctly before assuming it’s broken.
  • Batteries: When a thermostat’s batteries are dying, it can behave inconsistently, not always promptly sending or receiving the correct information. A quick battery change might be all you need to get it working properly again.
  • Circuit Breaker: If your heat or air conditioning is just not turning on at all, it’s possible that something has tripped a circuit breaker. This is easily remedied by checking the circuit breaker box or electrical panel for your home. If a switch is in the wrong position, it can simply be reset. If this is a frequent problem, though, a technician should take a look.

When Repairs are Needed

There are many types of thermostats, and the good news is, they are all designed to be repaired. You don’t have to worry that any thermostat problem will require replacement. A qualified technician in thermostat repair in Houston, TX, can diagnose the problem and offer you solutions.

However, if you have frequent thermostat trouble, or you’re unsatisfied with your existing thermostat, you might want to explore the possibility of replacing it with a WiFi or smart thermostat. These modern options are extremely precise, easily programmable, and can adjust the temperature of your home from anywhere you happen to be, using an app on your phone.

These features allow it to reduce your utility bills by keeping your home heating and cooling as efficient as possible, and some models even track your usage and offer additional energy-saving tips specifically tailored to your home and your needs. 

If you have questions about your thermostat, we’d love to hear from you.

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