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Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston


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6 Things to Know About Smart Thermostats Before Making the Switch


Your thermostat is the part of your heating and cooling system that keeps track of the ambient temperature in your home and tells those systems when it’s time to turn on and off. No matter how new or efficient those systems are, they won’t do you any good if your thermostat is broken. Many customers think they need repairs to their furnace or air conditioner only to find that the thermostat was the real culprit. 

In recent years, many homeowners are making the switch to smart thermostats, which offer a variety of benefits that the older models simply can’t compete with. Could a smart thermostat be right for you? We’ve got some information that can help you decide if you’re ready for smart thermostat installation in Houston.

Signs of Thermostat Trouble

Perhaps there’s an obvious issue, like the display of the thermostat being blank, not giving you any information, or allowing you to adjust it. But sometimes the problem is more subtle.

If you change the temperature setting and your furnace or AC doesn’t respond promptly, or if a separate thermometer shows that it’s 68° in your house when your thermostat thinks it’s 75°, it’s time to consider replacing it. Some older thermostats are only a dial, giving you vague approximations of temperature, which can make it hard to read and frustrating to set to your desired temperature. And finally, if you’ve replaced your furnace or air conditioning system but haven’t replaced the thermostat, it’s likely that an upgrade can increase your efficiency.

So why choose a smart thermostat? Here are six things only a smart thermostat can offer.

1: Precision

With a smart thermostat, when you set your home’s comfort systems to a certain temperature, it is specific and precise. You won’t be approximating anymore, or wondering why a home set to 72° is still so cold.

2: Access from a Distance

With an app on your phone or tablet, you will be able to change the temperature of your home from anywhere. You can keep your heat low while you’re away, and warm it up in time to return to a house that’s perfectly cozy.

3: Learning

Just as a social media site’s algorithms can learn what you’re most likely to click on and offer you more content that’s similar, a smart thermostat can learn the patterns of use in your home and provide a heating or cooling schedule tailored to your needs.

4: Efficiency

The first three benefits add up to create another one: you will use less energy and heat and cool your home more cheaply with a smart thermostat.

5: System Life

The smart thermostat can minimize wear and tear on your heating and cooling systems by making sure they’re only in use when necessary. This can mean a furnace or AC unit that lasts years longer than it otherwise would.

6: Information

Smart thermostats keep track of information for you. If you want to know how much energy you are using, or how your usage has changed, you can easily access that with your app. This can help make changes to improve your home’s efficiency.

We’d be happy to answer questions about your existing thermostat and your replacement options.

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