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Family-Owned and Locally-Operated in West Houston


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Is It Too Late for Furnace Maintenance?


You’ve probably heard that it’s important to get your furnace professionally maintained each year. And chances are, you know that most people have it done in the fall, before they start the furnace up for the first time when the weather gets cold. Is it too late to schedule maintenance for your furnace? Is it worth bothering now that winter has set in? You should still have it done. Here’s why.

It Can Be Done

It is absolutely possible to perform maintenance on a heating system during the winter. Your furnace will have to be shut down for part of it, but don’t worry. It won’t take so long that your home ends up freezing.

Your Safety Matters

The most important reason to have annual maintenance done on your furnace is that without it, a furnace can pose a serious safety risk. Gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and electrical fires are major hazards, and your technician will inspect and test your gas or electric furnace to make sure you’re not at risk. Spend the rest of the winter knowing you and your family are safe by scheduling furnace service in Cypress, TX

Heating Is Expensive

Nobody should have to pay extra to get the same amount of heat. Over the course of a year, a heating system gradually becomes less efficient due to wear and tear and friction from dust and grit and from lubrication wearing away. Maintenance can bring your efficiency right back up, so your heating bills won’t be rising unnecessarily.

You Deserve Comfort

In addition to problems with efficiency, all that wear and tear can cause problems with your heating system’s effectiveness as well. This can mean the air coming from your vents is lukewarm instead of toasty, or that there’s just a trickle of air instead of a warm blast, or that you have cold spots in your home where the heat never reaches. Maintenance will improve your comfort.

Repairs Are Inconvenient

With maintenance, you’ll drastically reduce the likelihood that something will go seriously wrong with your furnace and repairs will be needed. Maintenance can be scheduled when it’s convenient for you, but furnace breakdowns always seem to happen at the worst times. Your technician can catch tiny concerns and correct them before big problems develop.

You Don’t Want to Replace Your Furnace

If a furnace receives maintenance every single year, it can last up to twice as long as a furnace that never gets maintained! Keeping a furnace running for 5 more years before you have to buy a new one is a huge savings.

Warranties Can Save You Money, Too

If your furnace is still under warranty, you definitely want to keep it that way. That means the manufacturer may cover some or all of the cost if repairs are needed in the future. But most warranty agreements have a professional maintenance clause, and if your furnace hasn’t been maintained, the manufacturer won’t have to pay if parts fail or the whole furnace breaks down early.

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